JS/UNIX - StartMenu.run Terminal

> open terminal 

JS/UNIX is an UN*X-like OS for the StartMenu.run Web environment.
Most users will simply want to login with registered name or "guest"
user name.type :#web at the shell to load the StartMenu.Run "Desktop"
To Browse available services or use the menu at the top of this shell
to load full graphical desktop mode.

The keyboard accepts the US-ASCII character set.
As key-mapping depends from your browser, you may have to use
the cursor and backspace buttons at the lower right of the
terminal. A complete keyboard can be accessed at the lower left.

Compatibility: Netscape 4+, MS IE 4+ and DOM-aware browsers.

Alternate key mappings (may depend on system and browser): 
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<4> for left
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<6> for right
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<8> for up
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<2> for down
    CTRL + SHIFT + [KEYPAD]<0> for backspace.

Note/Disclaimer: No data of any kind is transmitted to any kind of
server or service.

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